There are some things in life that take time, no matter how much you want to rush them.

As business owners, most of us have little patience for anything. That’s why we’ve been so successful! No messing around. Roll the sleeves up, let’s get right to it.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is making your business sellable often requires significant changes; and a prospective buyer is going to want to see how your business has performed for several years AFTER you have made the changes required to make your business sellable.

So if you want to sell in the next five years or so… and get a good price, you need to start making your business sellable now so the changes have time to take hold. Unfortunately, you just can’t do it in 60 days.

It’s like trying to buy insurance on a burning building.

Are you curious about how sellable your company is and what you would need to tweak to sell it when you’re ready?

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