Sell Your Business

Business owners contact us when they’re thinking about the day they might sell, and they’re wondering just how that process works.

They’re not sure when to sell, how to find the right buyer or how to keep it confidential. They’re not sure what their business is worth or how to get the most for it.

Just know this…

Selling your business will be one of the most important (and complex) decisions you will ever make. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your employees to do it right.

Maybe more to the point… the biggest payday of YOUR life should be the day you sell your business!

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Buy A Business

For smart business buyers, having someone to help them buy the RIGHT business, at the RIGHT price, and on the RIGHT terms can be the difference between a successful, profitable business… and a business they wished they never purchased!

We help people buy the RIGHT business the RIGHT way!

If you are a serious buyer (not a “tire-kicker” or “lookie-loo”), you might be a good candidate for our “Targeted Acquisition Program”.

If you do qualify (and if we have room for a new client), we can make a HUGE difference in helping you find the right business… a business specifically targeted for your personal or business situation.

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Featured Businesses For Sale...

Printing Business – Everything Must Go!

This is an Asset Sale. All equipment, furniture, and business accounts are for sale.

  • Canon 7000 4 Color Press – Perfect condition and maintained by Canon since day 1
  • Xante 4 Color Envelope Press with Stand & Conveyer
  • Graphic Wizzard Perf & Score Press
  • (2) Perfect Binders
  • Polar Computer Cutter 30″ – 2 Blades
  • Saddle Stitcher With Stand Up Stand
  • Baum Folder
  • Exact Bind Laminator
  • Canon Server With Software & Updates
  • Challenge 3 Hole Drill

And much more!  All bids will be considered.

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Preschool and Daycare


This well established and very active preschool with Kindergarten is located in Central New Jersey. The center has strong operating history.

The business has been independently run by the owner for 8 years. It enrolls students from 6 weeks to 6 years old and has a licensed capacity of 100+ children and experienced staff.

All assets, including furniture, recreational items, and school materials are included in this sale.

Price: $695,000
Location: Monmouth County
Employees: 10
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E): Included in asking price
Support & Training: 2 weeks @ 20 hrs per week
Reason for Selling: Retirement

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How Sellable Is Your Business?

When we start working with a new client, the first question they often ask is… “how much is my business worth”? What they should be asking is… “how sellable is my business”?

Have you ever wondered how “sellable” your business might be?

To find out, we use a tool called the Value Builder Score that will show you how sellable your business is right now based on dozens of key ‘sellability’ factors.

Here’s what we are talking about…

The Value Builder Score is an interactive tool that gives you a comprehensive assessment of the “sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just know you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

We’d like to invite to get a Value Builder Score for your business for FREE!

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What Others Are Saying...

“I have known Rick for years and he was the first person I called when I was ready to sell my business. Because of his knowledge and experience he was able to guide me through the process and found the perfect buyers. He has the ability to understand a business from both the seller’s perspective and from the buyer’s perspective.

He can look at the status of a business and provide guidance to strengthen the business in preparation for selling. You will not find a more professional business advisor or exit coach.”

Iliana Schirmer

Rick, I just wanted to thank you. After my brother passed away, I tried to sell his business for almost a year with no luck. I spoke to you and in one day, you had a buyer! The whole process went very smoothly and we were able to close on it in two weeks.

I would highly recommend you to anyone selling a business.

You are very professional and easy to work with. You knew what I needed and you found a buyer in less than a day!”

Ann Kelly

“I’ve had the opportunity to know and work with Rick for many years. Simply put, he’s knowledgeable, intelligent, and experienced. Rick has developed a number of successful businesses and knows what it takes to help any business get to the next level. Rick has worked with business owners in a variety of capacities.

Whether you’re the owner of a successful business and want to exit or are new to a business ownership role, Rick can help you plan, manage, and grow. Rick is particularly effective in a coaching role. With a broad background in business development and management, Rick has helped companies from many different industries. He has provided coaching services to businesses struggling to reach a particular objective.

By applying proven business techniques, business acumen, and hands-on experience, Rick coaches business owners based on their own style and demeanor. This helps to accelerate goal achievement and produce results. Rick has a proven track record of success. By applying his techniques and working with him one-on-one in a coaching capacity, you will see a dramatic improvement in your business results.”

Michael Fleischner

“I’ve known Rick for over 22 years and he is without a doubt the most inspirational and knowledgeable business person I have ever met. I’m unapologetic when I tell you I consider him my personal mentor. Rick has been and continues to be one of the most influential people in my life.

If you are thinking about buying a business, selling a business, or growing a business. . .  the only one you should be talking to is Rick.”

Scott Fisher

“Rick has been an absolute blessing to deal with! By far, he’s one of the most creative business merger and valuation specialists I’ve ever dealt with. Not only did he take work fast, but he also provided way more advice than I’ll ever be able to implement.

He definitely knows his stuff and is able to break down concepts to help us see the end goal (the sale of our business).”

John Knoewles

“I met Rick when I was looking at a purchase a year or so ago. Although he was representing the Seller I was impressed with his knowledge, insight and professionalism.

I decided I wanted to work with him to help me identify a good business to buy. I have not been disappointed. His insight, knowledge, and timely advice has been my guide on identifying the pros and cons of each business opportunity we discuss. Not only does he provide valuable feedback but he probes and uncovers strategic opportunities that you may not have considered.

Suffice it to say, Rick is a must have when you are considering to buy or sell a business.”

Bruce Wood

“My company was fortunate enough to discover Rick and his dealmaking capability so that we could find ways to do business together. If you are looking to achieve a win-win done deal, as a business buyer or seller, contact Rick.

And then thank me for recommending him to you.

Ted Leverette

“I was looking into buying a business or starting a business for the first time, and needed to find a professional to guide me. Rick has been coaching and advising business owners a long time and has developed – and openly shares – a philosophy, style and cache of wisdom that few others have. He knows how to see a business from a buyer’s point of view and can read the potholes and pitfalls of buying or selling a business like a book.

He is full of information, fun to work with and has boundless energy. He is at the top of my list or referrals when someone asks for a business coach.

With Rick’s guidance and help I have been able to start my own business with a confidence and drive that his coaching and advice truly helped me to achieve.”

Jennifer Braker

“Rick is a careful, practical and creative business intermediary. He is “hands on” in helping sellers to make and close their deals.”

Philip Chapman (Attorney)

SPECIAL REPORT - Business Continuity Blueprint

This “Special Report” is a MUST have for every business owner. In fact, this report might be the most valuable piece of paper in your business.

The report includes everything you need as a business owner to protect your family & your business, and ensure your legacy remains intact. Includes the 5 essential “Silver Bullets”.

We have also included a SAMPLE Business Continuity Plan you can use yourself or give to your attorney to use as a template. Just fill in the blanks.